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Are you passionate about Canadian coins? The “Canadian Coins 2009: A Charlton Standard Catalogue” by W. K. Cross is your ultimate guide. This comprehensive catalog offers detailed information on Canadian coins, including their history, rarity, and value, making it an essential resource for collectors and investors alike.

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Importance of the Catalog

The Charlton Standard Catalogue is renowned for its thorough and accurate listings. It provides detailed descriptions and images of Canadian coins from various periods, offering insights into their historical significance and market value. This catalog is a valuable tool for anyone looking to expand their collection or invest in Canadian numismatics.

Key Points from the Catalog

Historical ContextOverview of Canadian coinage history and notable periods.
Coin DescriptionsDetailed descriptions of each coin, including dimensions, weight, and metal composition.
Rarity and ValueInformation on the rarity and market value of each coin, aiding in investment decisions.
Grading StandardsGuidelines on how coins are graded, ensuring collectors understand the condition and worth of their coins.
Auction ParticipationInstructions on how to participate in coin auctions, including online and in-person bidding.

How to Participate in the Auction

The catalog outlines several ways to bid on Canadian coins:

  1. Online Bidding: Use the auction house’s website or their mobile apps.
  2. Phone Bidding: Register for phone bidding in advance.
  3. Email/Fax Bidding: Submit your bid sheet via email or fax prior to the auction.
  4. In-Person Bidding: Attend the auction in person, following any health and safety guidelines in place.

Featured Coins and Their Significance

Early Canadian Coins

  • 1858 20 Cents: One of the first coins minted in Canada, representing a significant historical period.
  • 1911 Silver Dollar: A rare and highly sought-after coin with a unique design and historical importance.

Modern Canadian Coins

  • 1967 Centennial Coins: Coins issued to celebrate Canada’s centennial year, featuring special designs.
  • 2009 Commemorative Coins: Coins minted in 2009 to mark various significant events and anniversaries in Canadian history.

Quotes from the Catalog

  • “The Charlton Standard Catalogue has been the definitive guide for Canadian coin collectors for decades.”
  • “Each coin listed in this catalog is meticulously described, providing collectors with the information they need to make informed decisions.”

Example Coins from the Auction

  • 2009 Silver Maple Leaf: A beautiful and highly collectible coin, known for its purity and intricate design.
  • 2009 Gold Maple Leaf: A premium gold coin that is a favorite among investors and collectors alike.

Download the Catalog

For those interested in exploring the full catalog and participating in the auction, you can download the PDF here: Download PDF.


The Canadian Coins 2009 Auction Catalog is a treasure trove of information for any coin enthusiast. Whether you are looking to buy, sell, or simply learn more about Canadian coins, this catalog provides all the details you need. Dive into the world of Canadian numismatics and discover rare coins that could enhance your collection.

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