How Can You Safely Store Your Precious Metals at Home? Expert Tips and tricks

Hey there, fellow investors in gold coins! If you’re like me, you know that safeguarding your precious metals is just as important as acquiring them. After all, we’ve put our hard-earned money into building our collections, so it’s crucial to ensure they’re stored securely. That’s why I turned to none other than the renowned expert, Mike Maloney, for some invaluable advice on how to safely store our precious metals right at home. Let’s dive into his expert tips together!

Why Safe Storage Matters

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of storage solutions, let’s take a moment to understand why it’s so essential to safely store our precious metals:

  • Protecting Your Investment: We’ve poured our blood, sweat, and tears into building our collections of precious metals. By safely storing them, we’re safeguarding our investments against damage, theft, or loss.
  • Peace of Mind: There’s nothing worse than constantly worrying about the safety of our assets. By implementing proper storage measures, we can enjoy peace of mind knowing that our precious metals are well-protected.
  • Preserving Value: Precious metals hold their value over time, but only if they’re properly maintained. Safe storage helps prevent tarnishing, scratches, and other forms of damage that could diminish their worth.

Expert Tips from Mike Maloney

Now that we understand the importance of safe storage, let’s delve into some expert tips from Mike Maloney himself:

  • Invest in a Quality Safe: When it comes to storing precious metals at home, a sturdy safe is your best friend. Look for a high-quality safe that’s specifically designed to protect valuables like gold coins. Opt for one with a combination lock or biometric scanner for added security.
  • Diversify Your Storage Locations: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket – or all your gold coins in one safe, for that matter. Spread out your precious metals across multiple storage locations to minimize risk. Consider dividing them between a home safe, a secure storage facility, and a trusted depository.
  • Use Descretion: While it’s tempting to show off our impressive collections, it’s essential to exercise discretion when it comes to storing precious metals. Avoid flaunting them on social media or sharing too much information about your storage arrangements to reduce the risk of becoming a target for thieves.
  • Document Your Assets: Keep detailed records of your precious metal holdings, including purchase receipts, certificates of authenticity, and photographs of each item. This documentation not only helps you keep track of your collection but also serves as valuable evidence in the event of loss or theft.

Final Thoughts

As investors in gold coins, it’s our responsibility to ensure that our precious metals are stored safely and securely. By following expert tips from the likes of Mike Maloney, we can protect our investments and enjoy peace of mind knowing that our collections are in good hands. So, fellow coin enthusiasts, let’s take the necessary precautions to safeguard our treasures and continue our journey towards financial security and prosperity!

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  1. Turd’s “Eleven Rules For Storing Gold & Silver At Home
    1) A safe advertises hidden valuables, but if you must use a safe, bolt it down and load it with VERY heavy weights.
    2) Store some decoy/sacrificial coins/cheap jewelry in an easy-to-find location. Then hide the good stuff well.
    3) Unless you use a safe, NEVER hide your stash in a bedroom or bedroom closet.
    4) Same as #3, but insert “study” and “pantry”.
    5) Forget hollowed-out books, fake soup cans, etc… your stack will be stolen in less than 5 minutes.
    6) If using a desk, bookcase or shelf, make sure your hiding spot won’t be revealed if these are tipped over. Because they WILL be tipped over.
    7) You WILL want frequent access to your stash (to add to it, look at it, or (god forbid) take from it)… don’t make access difficult (behind drywall, buried in the yard, need a sledgehammer to get to it, etc.).
    8) Unless using a safe, the best spots are in plain sight and LIKELY TO BE OVERLOOKED, or they’re multi-layered (meaning you have to move this, shift that, lift this and open that in order to access your stash).
    9) Make sure someone you trust (spouse, financial planner, estate attorney, etc) has a sealed “open in the event of my death” letter describing where your stash is hidden.
    10) With the exception of #9 above, NEVER EVER talk about your stash or that it’s in your home.
    11) Never use a hiding spot that can be discovered by a contractor doing work in your house or yard.
    KEEP IN MIND: The average home burglary in the US lasts just 11 minutes! Thieves want a quick hit-and-run.

  2. I’m just retired from my job. Working from home mostly. I’m my security system. I live 5 miles from the nearest city. I carry iron … l have enough land to spread out my valuables. Tell know one anything.

  3. Ok hold on just a second. If the banks are all closed, the guy at the silver shop isnt going to turn over all of the money you gave him, but keep it for himself. Dont get stuck with $1000s in metal that you cant cash out so easy. Remember too, if there is a panic sell off, the buyer os going to give you as low a buck as he can. Buy silver as a savings, not a dooms day plan…

  4. doesn't the gold silver safe using online access have one of the first drawbacks you mentioned in an emergency IE if the internet is down or power is down or chaos breaks out in your country, would all of those things make it harder to get to your bullion ??? just wondering

  5. Diversification is the 1st rule of wealth, many locations, asset types, and many layers of safety to get them. 20+ locations maybe a hassle for them but not for you with a coded list. If they steal 1/20th you won't be crying or broke.

  6. here is my advice for a safe storage of precious metals, find a cave in the middle of nowhere and bury it there, now live in said cave and kill any thing that moves nearby.
    Congratulation now your precious metals are safe, there is 0% chance that you or your cave will be a target of thieves.

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