Top 5 Incredible Silver & Gold Products You Won’t Believe I Buy


Top 5 Silver & Gold Products I Buy


Join Mike Maloney and Jeff Clark from as they discuss the top silver and gold products they personally buy for investing in precious metals. In this insightful discussion, they provide valuable insights and recommendations for newcomers to the precious metals market, shedding light on the importance of physical ownership in today’s volatile environment.

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The Importance of Physical Ownership

Both Mike and Jeff emphasize the significance of owning physical precious metals over paper products like ETFs or futures. They highlight the risks associated with paper investments and stress the security and assurance that comes with owning tangible assets.

Diversifying with Gold and Silver

When it comes to building a solid precious metals portfolio, both experts advocate for a diversified approach that includes a mix of gold and silver. They discuss the practicality of owning smaller denominations to ensure liquidity and flexibility when it comes to selling the metals.

Timing Your Purchases

Mike shares his strategy of waiting for consolidation phases to add to his position, taking advantage of lower premiums. He also touches on the significance of maintaining a balanced mix of gold and silver while avoiding buying at high gold-to-silver ratios.

The Role of Storage Accounts

Jeff highlights the convenience and security of using storage accounts to safeguard precious metals, enabling quick and efficient selling without the need to physically handle the assets. He emphasizes the ease of transaction and the peace of mind that comes with utilizing storage services.

Accessing Valuable Resources

Mike references the “Complete Guide to Buying Gold and Silver” available on, a comprehensive resource for beginners looking to understand the ins and outs of investing in precious metals. They stress the importance of education and informed decision-making in the precious metals market.


Investing in silver and gold can be a lucrative and rewarding venture, especially when approached with the right knowledge and strategies. By prioritizing physical ownership, diversifying your holdings, and leveraging storage accounts, you can protect and grow your wealth in the ever-changing landscape of the precious metals market. For more expert insights and recommendations, visit and explore the wealth of resources available to enhance your investment journey.

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  1. I think< that you have been so nearly been right on on your analysis throughout these past couple months that if I could I would award you the Milker of the Year award 🥇😆. Thank You so much for your analysis, I hope for sideways or another strong dip wick so I can feel comfortable adding to my sats, but without a doubt in my mind we are in for a green 🎄. I'm sitting here right now thinkingBTC and crypt0 is about to take a dive in the next few days…..The 12 hour chart has for some reason been super accurate and I was going to swap some of my crypt0 into Gold for a few days like I always do, and I respect this channel and I am the only one seeing this and feeling this way about this channel. Dips don’t mean it’s over it’s a set up for pr!ce breakout, and also judging a coin by how far away it is from its all time high is silly. If anything, it would make you want to buy it, as there is so much more room to run. Coins smashing their all-time highs now are potential take-prof|t candidates. I guess it depends on when you got in. BTCis nowhere near it's all-time high, but that doesn't mean you wouldn't buy it. I tr@de daily so I can stay profitable in my |nvestments always and I mirror tr@de s|gnaIs from Thomas Fuller daily in my tr@des, Thomas is an expert crypt0 analyst and pro tr@der who provides trade signa|s for crypt0 lnvestors and I can attest to the accuracy of his tr@de alerts because I went from have 2₿ to slightly over 6.3₿ just from copying his signals in my trades. Following his tråde pattern and copying his trâde signaIs have made my tradës better and his premium trαde courses have improved both my TA and FA skills. You can follow him on Trad!ngView (thomasfullerofficial) for more updates and trαde alerts

  2. The spread is so difficult to make up in gold/silver. Can buy a 1 oz buffalo on goldsilver for $2,060, they'll buy it back for $1,903. Need 8.25% valuation increase just to get your money back. For a 1 oz Silver eagle it is $31.65 to purchase and buyback price of $25.85, need 22.44% increase just to not lose money! Ouch! Spreads are too high. How can you buy silver and instantly eat a 22% loss.

  3. As a Pensioner reliant upon the State I can only afford smalls amounts of bullion. So I chose silver coins because I perceived that they would be of more utility to me.
    I buy coins, small gold coins, some collectable. But Brittania's and Vienna's are my preferred coin because I live in Europe, Kangaroos are also recognizable in Europe.
    So, I am not rich, but I think I will be a lot better off than most when the currency collapses.

  4. The whole reason I would own PM’s is I don’t trust the banks.
    But if I was to put it in storage I would need to trust the banks to get my money?
    Why even own physical metal in a vault that someone else controls
    if all I will do is convert it to dollars in a crisis?
    Is the vault going to protect my metal from any government?
    Love your work thank you for all you have done.

  5. Mike, the guys with the guns at Brinks guarding your silver will very, very soon be the guys robbing your silver. My friend when the SHTF all loyalty, all contracts, all insurance and all bets are off the table!!! How can you have so much wisdom and understanding regarding money (currency), the FED, the banking system etc… and at the same time live in Puerto Rico and think your holdings are safe in Colorado? Look around, open your eyes Mike. When the SHTF it will happen overnight and what you thought you were holding will then be as far of as the sunrise is from the sunset and never the two shall meet.

  6. So you work as a security guard at some storage vault. You make $12.00 per hour and you have a wife and three kids. You barely make ends meet. The crap hits the fan and your wife says I have no food or money to buy food for your kids. At work is millions of dollars of PM that you with a gun control. The rule of law has collapsed and you have no fear of being charged with a crime. There would be nothing to keep you from taking those PM to feed your kids…

  7. Hello Mike, i think that gold and silver will spike to unbelievable numbers … sooner or later… and the official "reason" to crash it back will be: Elon Musk will publish some news like "we have found thousands of tons of Gold on the moon or mars"… that is the point where for the first time in history, gold will not be anymore that limited as we think today… and all will search for a "save" spot to park the value, … this is where then something like bitcoin comes into play…

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