Unlock the Mystery of The Sovereign 2023 Five-Coin Matt Gold Proof Set Silent Auction by The Royal Mint


The History of the Sovereign Coin

The Sovereign is a coin with an incredibly long history that goes all the way back to the Tudors and the reign of Henry VIII when it was initially struck in 1489. It was struck throughout the Tudor reign as a symbol of power and might. However, it disappeared at the start of the reign of James I. It was revived in its modern form in 1817, becoming the preeminent gold coin of the 19th century, circulating all over the globe.

Prestige and Pride

Due to its widespread circulation, the Sovereign has great prestige and pride attached to it. It symbolizes the glory of the British Empire, representing a rich history and power. It has become a highly sought-after coin by collectors around the world.

The Sovereign Family

While the Sovereign coin is the most well-known, there is a whole Sovereign family that includes the half Sovereign, double Sovereign, five Sovereign piece, and more recently, the quarter Sovereign. These coins have historically been struck to mark significant occasions such as jubilees or coronations, making them even more prestigious.

Matte Finish

In the early 20th century and late 19th century, there was a trend to apply a matte finish to coins and medals. George William de Saulles was a key figure in implementing this matte finish, particularly in the 1902 Proof Set. The idea behind the matte finish was to elevate the design so that all of its intricate details could be appreciated.

Modern Design

The matte finish technique has been applied to modern Sovereign sets to showcase the beauty and detail of the coins. This allows collectors to appreciate the intricate designs and fine details, particularly on the reverse side of the coin.

In conclusion, the Sovereign coin has a rich history and has evolved over the centuries to become a symbol of power, prestige, and beauty. Collectors around the world cherish these coins for their historical significance and exquisite design.

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