Unveil the Treasures in the Gold Coin Auction Catalog


If you are a coin enthusiast, the “United States Mint American Eagle At Dusk and At Dawn 35th Anniversary Auction Catalog” is a must-have. This catalog is packed with information about rare gold coins from the US Mint, featured in a special auction by Stack’s Bowers Galleries to mark the 35th anniversary of the American Eagle series.

Gold Coin Auction Catalog

Importance of the Catalog

The catalog provides extensive details on the gold and silver American Eagle coins issued since 1986. It includes both traditional and new designs, making it a valuable resource for collectors and investors. The historical context and detailed descriptions enhance the appreciation of these iconic coins.

Key Points from the Catalog

HistoryThe American Eagle series began in 1986, featuring gold and silver coins with classic designs.
Classic DesignsGold: “Family of Eagles” by Miley Busiek Frost<br>Silver: “Heraldic Eagle” by John Mercanti
New DesignsGold: “Eagle Portrait” by Jennie Norris<br>Silver: “Eagle Landing” by Emily Damstra
ParticipationBidding can be done online, by phone, email, or fax. In-person bidding is allowed with reservations.
Coin SpecificationsGold coins: 91.67% gold, 3% silver, 0.33% copper<br>Silver coins: 99.9% silver
Minting DetailsWest Point Mint produced the coins, known for their high quality and historic significance.
Gold Coin Auction Catalog

How to Participate in the Auction

The auction offers several ways to bid on these rare coins:

  1. Online Bidding: Use the Stack’s Bowers Galleries website or their iOS/Android apps.
  2. Phone Bidding: Arrange phone bidding 24 hours before the session starts.
  3. Email/Fax Bidding: Send your bid sheet via email or fax 24 hours before the session.
  4. In-Person Bidding: Available with reservations, following COVID-19 directives.

Featured Coins and Their Significance

Classic Gold and Silver Eagles

  • Gold Eagle: The classic “Family of Eagles” design symbolizes strength and unity.
  • Silver Eagle: The “Heraldic Eagle” design is an iconic representation of American pride.

New Gold and Silver Eagles

  • Gold Eagle: The “Eagle Portrait” is a bold depiction of the American Bald Eagle.
  • Silver Eagle: The “Eagle Landing” captures the grace and power of this majestic bird.

Quotes from the Catalog

  • “The American Eagle Bullion Coin series has become one of the most popular and successful modern issues produced by any of the world’s mints.”
  • “These coins will be auctioned primarily in lots containing special four-coin sets that include one each of the classic gold and silver eagle 1-ounce coins and one each of the new gold and silver 1-ounce coins.”

Example Coins from the Auction

  • 2021 American 1 Ounce Silver Eagle: New Design, Eagle Landing, MS-69.
  • 2021 American 1 Ounce Gold Eagle: Classic Design, Family of Eagles, MS-70.

Download the Catalog

For those interested in exploring the full catalog and participating in the auction, you can download the PDF here: Download PDF.


The “United States Mint American Eagle At Dusk and At Dawn 35th Anniversary Auction Catalog” is a treasure trove for collectors and investors. Don’t miss the opportunity to own a piece of numismatic history by participating in this exclusive auction.

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