Where’s the Best Place to Sell Your Gold for Cash in the UK? Comparison of Bullion Dealers to Ensure You Get the Most Value for Your Gold and Silver


Selling Your Precious Metals: A Comprehensive Review of UK Dealers

Hello everybody, Backyard Buyan here and a warm welcome to you all joining me for another precious metal ramble. Today, we are going to take a look at what dealers here in the UK, especially some of the big ones, are offering in terms of buyback prices for our precious metals. This information can provide valuable insight for anyone looking to sell their precious metals to a dealer. This video is inspired by Silver Seeker, and I want to give full credit to him and his series where he contacts coin shops to inquire about their buying and selling prices for gold and silver.

The Data Collection Process

I have compiled data from various well-known dealers in the UK, all of whom I have personally used for purchasing precious metals in the past. The information presented in this article is all based on publicly available data from their websites, eliminating the need for contact through phone calls. While actual buyback rates may vary depending on individual negotiations, this data serves as a baseline and a helpful guide for sellers of precious metals.

Dealer Analysis

Among the dealers included in the analysis are Atkinson’s, Bullion by Post, CHS, B and Co, and Hatton Garden Metals. Additionally, Orum, an up-and-coming player in the market, is also reviewed. Each dealer’s rates for buying various forms of gold and silver are compared, providing insight into which companies may offer better prices for precious metals.


On Atkinson’s website, sellers can find the buyback prices for different types of gold and silver coins and bars. The process of finding specific pricing information on their website may require navigating through different pages.

Bullion by Post

Similarly, Bullion by Post offers a range of buyback prices for precious metals on their website, catering to sellers looking to liquidate their holdings.


CHS stands out with competitive prices for gold coins but may offer lower rates for certain types of gold, such as non-Royal Mint sovereigns.

B and Co

B and Co offer competitive rates for all types of gold, without differentiation based on the type of coin or bar being sold.

Hatton Garden Metals

Hatton Garden Metals’ buyback prices, while average, may not stand out compared to other dealers in the market.

Silver Buyback Rates

In addition to gold, dealers’ buyback rates for silver are also analyzed. Dealers like CHS may offer competitive prices for silver bars, exceeding spot price in some cases. However, some dealers may offer lower rates for silver compared to gold buyback prices.

Considerations for Sellers

While buyback rates are a crucial factor for sellers, other considerations, such as secure shipping services, convenience, and reputation of the dealer, should also be taken into account. Dealers like CHS may offer additional services, such as secure courier services, to simplify the selling process for sellers.

Exploring Alternative Selling Platforms

While dealers provide a convenient option for selling precious metals, platforms like the Silver Forum may offer higher buyback prices compared to traditional dealers. Sellers should explore all options and assess the best platform for selling their precious metals based on their specific needs and priorities.


Overall, sellers of precious metals in the UK have various options when it comes to choosing a dealer for selling their holdings. By comparing buyback rates, additional services, and alternative selling platforms, sellers can make informed decisions to maximize their returns. It is essential to conduct thorough research and consider all factors before finalizing a sale. Thank you for watching, and don’t forget to like, share, comment, and subscribe for more valuable insights on precious metal markets.

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