Top 10 Bullion Silver Coins for Stacking in 2024

Introduction: For silver investors, 2024 brings a variety of excellent bullion coins to choose from. In this article, we’ll rank the top 10 silver coins for stacking, in a different order from our previous list. Let’s dive in!

Top 10 Silver Coins

1. Canadian Silver Maple Leaf The Canadian Silver Maple Leaf remains a top choice for silver stackers, with its .9999 fine silver purity and advanced security features. The beautiful maple leaf design and annual changes keep it interesting for collectors.

2. British Silver Britannia The British Silver Britannia climbs the ranks with its .999 fine silver and iconic Britannia design. The coin’s security features, including radial lines and a latent image, make it a reliable investment.

3. American Silver Eagle The American Silver Eagle is a perennial favorite, known for its .999 fine silver and iconic designs. Enhanced security features and the coin’s popularity make it a solid choice for stackers.

4. Australian Silver Kangaroo The Australian Silver Kangaroo, with its .9999 fine silver and annually changing kangaroo design, is a reliable and attractive option for silver investors. The Perth Mint’s quality assurance ensures its value.

5. Austrian Silver Philharmonic The Austrian Silver Philharmonic, with its unique design featuring musical instruments and smooth edge, remains a popular choice. Its .999 fine silver and low premiums make it a great addition to any portfolio.

6. South African Silver Krugerrand The South African Silver Krugerrand, introduced in 2017, is gaining popularity among silver stackers. Its recognizable design and low premiums make it a solid investment, despite occasional milk spotting.

7. Armenian Silver Noah’s Ark The Armenian Silver Noah’s Ark, with its biblical design and .999 fine silver, is a unique and beautiful coin. Its slightly higher premiums are offset by its historical and collectible value.

8. Mexican Silver Libertad The Mexican Silver Libertad, known for its stunning design and historical significance, is a favorite among collectors. Despite higher premiums, its .999 fine silver content and beautiful design make it a worthwhile investment.

9. Niue Silver Turtle The Niue Silver Turtle, originally the Fijian Taku, is a beautiful coin with a .999 fine silver content. Its changing designs and collectible value make it a popular choice, despite being harder to find.

10. Somalian Silver Elephant The Somalian Silver Elephant, with its annually changing designs and .9999 fine silver, is a favorite among stackers. While premiums are slightly higher, its collectible nature and beautiful designs make it a great addition to any collection.

Conclusion: These top 10 bullion silver coins offer a range of options for stackers in 2024. With varying designs, purity, and security features, there’s something for every investor to enjoy.

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