What Are the Top Silver Coins You Need to Have in Your Collection?



Hello, fellow silver coin enthusiasts and investors! Whether you’re new to coin collecting or a seasoned investor, knowing which silver coins to buy is crucial for maximizing your collection or investment portfolio.

Why Invest in Silver?

Silver remains a stable, tangible asset with a history of appreciating value, especially amid fluctuating interest rates and economic uncertainty.

Best Silver Coins to Buy

1. Pre-Decimal Silver Coins

  • Coins minted before 1947 with 50% or sterling silver.
  • Popular for their metal value.

2. Modern Proof Coins

  • Struck to high standards with collectible designs.
  • Limited mintage can increase their value.

3. Bullion Coins

  • Examples: Britannia coins.
  • Offer a balance of metal value and collectible appeal.

Historic and Foreign Silver Coins

1. Historic Coins

  • Examples: Hammered silver coins.
  • Add historical depth to your collection.

2. Foreign Coins

  • Examples: Morgan dollars, Canadian Maples, Australian Kangaroos.
  • Provide variety and are often highly collectible.

Things to Consider

  • Ensure authenticity; buy from trusted dealers.
  • Be aware of VAT implications; silver coins are not VAT-free like gold.
  • Legal tender coins in the UK are exempt from capital gains tax.


Selecting the best silver coins involves balancing your investment goals with preferences for historical, modern, or foreign coins. Ensure authenticity and stay informed about market trends to make the most of your silver investments.

Thank you for reading! Share your tips in the comments, and happy collecting!

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