Who is the mysterious new king on the 2023 King Arthur Myths & Legends Coin Collection?


A New King On Coins!!! 2023 King Arthur Myths & Legends Collection

The 2023 King Arthur Myths & Legends Collection

Welcome back to the Britannia Coin Company, your go-to coin dealer based in Royal Wootton Bassett in the UK. The latest release of the Myths and Legends Collection has arrived, marking a significant shift from previous installments. Let’s delve into the details and learn about the upcoming coins in this series!

Previous Installments

In 2021, the series kicked off with a one-ounce silver bullion coin featuring a design by Jody Clark. Known for various creations for the Royal Mint, including the Queen’s Beasts collection, Clark’s design depicted the iconic character of Robin Hood.

The following year, Maid Marion joined the ranks, showcasing another captivating design by Jody Clark. These bullion coins continued to enchant collectors with their detailed portrayal of legendary characters.

Enter Littlejohn

Littlejohn became the third installment in the Myths and Legends series, standing tall as one of Robin Hood’s trusty companions. With a fierce design in Sherwood Forest, Littlejohn’s presence added another layer of depth to the collection.

A New Chapter: King Arthur

This month, the series takes a royal turn as it introduces the legendary King Arthur. Designed by David Lawrence, this new addition marks a transition in the series, offering coins minted in base metal in brilliant uncirculated standard.

The release includes one-ounce silver coins, with a limited mintage of two and a half thousand, and two-ounce silver coins with a mintage of 500. Gold proofs are also available, with 600 quarter-ounce coins and 200 one-ounce gold coins minted.

Future Releases

Excitingly, the series plans to feature Merlin the Wizard and Morgan lafaye next. These upcoming coins promise to continue the captivating narrative of the Myths and Legends Collection, offering more opportunities for collectors and investors.

Whether you’re interested in the bullion standard or prefer proof coins, the wide range of Britannia coins available ensures something for every collector’s taste. From the iconic Britannia to the popular Sovereign, investing in precious metals has never been more intriguing.

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